Anticipation and excitement filled the room as we prepared for Dads and other special visitors this past week. Children built on their understanding that the written word has purpose when they use it to send a meaningful message. We worked on invitations and a welcome sign for “Donuts with Dads” and our upcoming “Muffins with Moms” days. The children couldn’t wait to get home to deliver their invitations.

Reading purposeful text can also help children realize the importance of reading and writing. During our Pirate theme last week, we ventured outside after finding a note from some mysterious pirates that encouraged us to look for clues and a map to a hidden treasure. The children listened to each clue and raced to find the next one. After using our found map to find a treasure chest filled with cookies, the children decided that we should write a thank you note to the pirates. We worked together to sound out the words and to write the note. The pirates, of course, wrote us a message back! The children were really excited to get pirate mail.

What’s a pirate’s favorite letter?

You thought I was going to say “Arrrr” but, it’s the “Sea”!

Thanks, Miss Kelly