Everyone returned from Spring Break refreshed and ready to learn all about Space! We have been talking about the planets in our solar system, the sun, asteroids, moons, and astronauts. We shot off a pop bottle rocket and measured how far the rocket flew. The children were really excited as we counted down to blast off!

Talking about something that the children can’t actually touch and experience is sometimes difficult with the preschool age group. So, we have been looking at a lot of real photographs of space and ready a lot of non-fiction books. The children are becoming familiar with the different properties of the planets and are able to identify several of the planets in photos.

Our Space theme will continue during the week of our Lake Erie Nature and Science Center field trip. During the visit, the children will be able to experience the planetarium. We will get the opportunity to look up at the stars and really experience space. We will also get to learn about animals that are native to Ohio. We are all looking forward to this adventure!

In the upcoming weeks we will be learning about Pirates, Oceans, and Gardening. During this time we will also be hosting Donuts with Dads on April 28th and 28th between 11:00 and 11:45. The children will be making a special project with Dad, or another special visitor, eating donuts, going on a pirate scavenger hunt, and showing Dad around the classroom. The children have already made invitations and they couldn’t wait to get home to give them to their dads. We always enjoy having special visitors!

We will be planting seeds for our classroom gardens and would love to have any extra plants to add to our beds. If you have plants that can be split, please let us know. Having some green to get us started would be wonderful! Our new gardens will give the children a chance to see the growing process from seed to plant. The children will be responsible for the care and upkeep of our gardens. So, they will learn first-hand what a plant needs to survive. Gardening volunteers are always welcome. Please talk to a teacher if you would like to help!

Home Extensions:
Bring a camera to our field trip. Let your child take pictures and make a book about everything that they saw during their visit. Encourage him/her to sound out the words to tell about the pictures they took.

If you and your child create a book about our trip, please bring it in for us to see! We will share their books during our classroom meetings.