The past two weeks we have been busy as ever!  The weather has allowed us some very valuable playtime outside in the sun.  It is amazing to watch the children moving around outside this spring in comparison to how they moved in the fall when we first met.  Everyone has made great strides and their gross motor continues to improve.  Last week we learned all about the author Eric Carle.  We created a mural that resembled his artwork, a giant hairy caterpillar, and pretended to be caterpillars ourselves coming out of a cocoon as beautiful butterflies.  We shared many of his stories and even listened to him read us a story on an audio CD.

This past week we learned about nursery rhymes. We created a giant wall and our very own Humpty Dumpty and acted out the familiar poem.  We also dramatized Little Miss Muffett with one child being Little Miss Muffett and another being the spider.  We clapped, sang, stomped and whispered many other nursery rhymes as a group.  In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day we decorated 4-leafed clovers, painted blarney stones and played with a special type of cloud dough.

Next week we look forward to learning all about the farm.  On Thursday morning, 3/25, at 9:15 a.m. Hannah’s mother will bring in their pony Jellybean for the children to see, pet and brush.  She will share with us some important horse care information.  If your child attends on Monday and Wednesday please feel free to stop by and visit Jellybean in front of the building.  Please keep in mind that the Tuesday/Thursday children will not have parents there and Miss Jackie and Miss Brooke will be attending to them.  It will be very important that you stay with your child and help them throughout the entire experience so that everyone is safe.  We look forward to seeing you!