It has been an exciting two weeks for the young three’s room! The last week of February we began talking about our family pets. The children loved bringing in pictures of their pets, or pets they would like to have. They used wonderful describing words to talk about them. Taking their pets for walks with the pet leashes seemed to be a favorite amongst all the children! The purpose behind our pet week was to have the children make connections between school and home. We want them to feel a sense of ownership over their classroom, and having all the children talk about something familiar and loved seemed to work!

This week we talked about teddy bears. Where they sleep, where we got our bears and naming were just a few activities that were brought up. All of the children looked so cute and comfy in their pajamas! A special thank you to all of our parents and friends who were able to bring in their pajamas and bears from home. Our teddy bear picnic week was a natural extension of their Arctic animal study. The children were really interested in bears while studying arctic animals. Building upon their interest, a teddy bear week provided a perfect opportunity to follow the childrens’ interest and extend their knowledge. The children had the opportunity to teach their bears the ‘Rise and Shine’ song, eat snack with their bears, finger paint blueberry bears, and sing different bear songs! Be sure to check the hall outside the class as we have quite a line-up of cute bears!

Next week we will be having an author study week focusing on Eric Carle. We will be using literature to create age-appropriate activities that will make connections to the text. Some things that we will be doing are making stress balls and talking about feelings using the book “Grouchy Ladybug”, creating an art mural for the hallway, and playing with moon rock play dough! We are looking forward to the month of March and thank you again for all of your support.

We are looking forward to spring! Are you ready for some warm weather? Please feel free to contact us at anytime via e-mail or at school ( or ),we will be happy to help!

Miss Jackie and Miss Brooke 🙂