Thank you to everyone who helped make our Valentine Celebrations fun. The children loved delivering notes to all of their friends and were very proud of all the hard work they put into them. We were glad to have a chance to listen to some different voices during story time with our two guest readers. These special days really give the children a sense of ownership in our classroom as we decorate and plan for the celebrations.

We have been learning about grocery stores, the food pyramid, fractions, and money. The children have assumed many roles in our classroom grocery store. They fill the shopping carts with food from the shelves, take it all to the cashier, take money and coupons out of their purses, and pay for their food as someone works to bag it all up! The children have learned to negotiate who will do what and how the process should go. We have really embraced the role-playing that goes along with this theme and have seen the children’s creativity bloom.

The children have been eager to learn about the food groups, as food is a major part of their daily life. They have sorted food into groups by color, type of food, and sometimes foods and always foods. We even used food pictures to talk about beginning letter sounds. The children all helped add the foods to our alphabet wall.

Don’t forget the art! We painted with vegetables, dyed pasta, turned food containers into city buildings for our block area, and made food collages with pictures from magazines. It’s amazing what you can do with food!

A few children in our class have taken a special interest in frogs. In response to their curiosity, we are working together to earn a new class pet. The children can earn marbles for helping a friend, making good choices, and being kind. We will also begin studying frogs as we prepare to create a habitat in an aquarium. We are all very excited to learn more and to prepare for our new pets.

We will be entering a two-week study of dinosaurs. The children have shown a lot of interest in learning more about dinos and are really excited for the upcoming theme. If you have anything special that is dinosaur related that your child would like to share with the class, please let us know.